[Complete] Error CE-RP8QFCNQ during 3-day battle

User Magian00 on PS4 game is here. I finished two days of the current 3-day Fire event with the perfect max score (100% health after the battle). Then a hour ago, on the first battle of the third day, the game crashed with error CE-RP8QFCNQ. After pressing the suggested Restart button, the battle didn’t continue. It was counted as a lose, and the earned 15 battle streak was reset to zero.

There are 2 bugs here. The first is this fatal error. And the second, it should not count a battle as a loss when internal errors happen.

As you see in the attached screenshot, I won this battle with 100% of health. Please fix this defeat to the win for my account Magian00 and restore my maximal score streak that affects all later event battle scores. Alternatively, since I maintained the max score until this game error, compensate me with 1000 gems.

Fixing this bug properly means:

  1. You never consider a battle as lost when the internal game error happens during the battle. You may consider the battle as not played or as won.
  2. You find and fix the actual problem causing this CE-RP8QFCNQ error.
  3. You fix my incorrect lose to the correct win as shown in the screenshot and restore my 3-day event streak, or send a compensation to me.



@Jeto I believe this to be the same bug as I experienced, as they both happened at around the same time. My guess (and I could be wrong) is the game server went down momentarily causing both mishaps. Error when changing abilities

Hey @Magian - As Kenpo called, this error was due to a crash on our side - which has since been resolved.

Also, as this event has since ended and a streak is only during the specific event and does not carry over to the next event - if you share your invite code, I can send compensation to your inbox!

My code is MAGIAN_XHLB.

Just reaching out to let you know, I got some help from another dev to look over where you placed on the leaderboard.
We can see you placed 11th during this event, but had you been able to complete this battle you would have placed equal 4th.
We also looked at your prior history of where you placed and your score in the past 3 Dungeons.

Last I checked, you have your rewards for this event still sitting in your inbox uncollected, so I have sent through your missing difference in Gems for placing 11th instead of 4th along with some lost battle compensation for the battle that was affected by this error!

Hi Jeto. I believe this calculation is incorrect. In the previous Fire event (that ended 3+ days ago) the 2 players who like me achieved the maximal score after 7*3 battles were placed at rank 3-4 and got 500 gems reward [and not 1000 gems, since 2 other players ruined the event; this is one more bug to report and fix, that every player may ruin the rewards of all other players]. I was placed 11 and got 200 gems reward in the final leaderboard (this is still an uncollected mail from 3+ days ago), because one battle was considered as a lose instead of a win and the 15-battle streak was lost. I even wrote all this in our community PSN chat just before that Fire 3-day event ended, so everyone could confirm these numbers. I have screenshots too. So my lose was 300 gems, and not 200 gems that you sent.

And the more important thing. If I understand this correctly, you are not going to fix the critical bug reported here that will affect all other players getting server errors in the future.

@Jeto, Not just the sent compensation was 100 gems less than my actual lose, as I wrote above, but I also am not able to collect what was sent. It give me game error with reference code RE-JW9FCJKH and then RE-ES69HVE. And the mail stays uncollected after I am forced to restart the game. Please fix.


Sorry, I don’t see in your previous messages that you are getting an error from trying to collect your mail - it will likely be the mail I had sent through has an issue, so I’ll delete it - as long as you don’t press COLLECT ALL, you should be able to collect all other mail individually without any issue!

As mentioned, the error in your initial report has since been resolved.

I was able to collect the updated compensation mail with 300 gems, and the game didn’t crash this time. :slight_smile: Thanks.