Game crashed during 3 day event match, counted as loss

Playing on galaxy tab. Had beat the first enemy, game got choppy and locked up. Restarted the game and noticed win streak reset to 0 and lost the token. This is extremely annoying and will result in loss of gems and marks. This amongst other things like game having to reload several times at reset to access the social tab has me on the verge of quitting. Please fix or compensate.

@Jeto when you get time please address this issue

@OminousGMan please address this issue when you get time.


If you haven’t already, please send this report through a Support Ticket

Making sure to include your account Name code in the form as well :sparkles:

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Just submitted ticket now.

@Jeto still have yet to hear anything aside from automated response on my ticket

Still no reply, done with the game for now. I usually spend money in the games I play and won’t be tempted to contribute here due to the current state of things being that customer support seems to not feel the need to respond nor compensate when bugs cause issues. Best of luck, hope to see improvement in the future