Auto play AI tends to play the game very dumb

I like to play auto play and get stuff done at the same time but what’s the point of having 4 spells if all it wants to do is take mana and end the turn.

I’ve died and lost, one too many times due to the AI having all the spells filled but won’t cast a single one!

But when it comes to fighting the AI you can bet it’s going to cast everytime and win.

Is this intended to get us to not use auto play?

I’d like to see us have some control over what happens more or just make the AI more smarter for the user.


From my understanding, using the Autoplay for yourself compared to an opponent you fight against the AI is intentionally programmed very differently.

Using Autoplay for yourself was implemented as a feature for when you get to battles that you would be winning pretty easily, you pop on autoplay and go about something else you want to get done. This was never intended to be a go to feature for players to use on everything or harder battles.

I use it mostly in the Season story second playthrough, as my main hero can get through it really easily so I let it run in the background with autoplay on

This differs to PvP as you are playing against an opponent you expect to be similar to a real player on the otherside - so it will naturally be programmed to be smarter.

I can pass on your feedback though about Autoplay, as it has already been a little while since we first implemented it - but I do not imagine it will ever have the same “intelligence” as your opponent in PVP.

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Thanks for responding and passing it on.
I definitely could tell it wasn’t up to par for making smart choices.
Or at least cast all 4 spells before ending the turn?
Is that too much to ask?


I agree that the autoplay AI shouldn’t be too efficient, otherwise why play ourselves at all? But I also think that making the AI always cast a spell if it is filled would be nice, even if the order in which it does it isn’t the best.


Finde das Autoplay auch sehr fragwürdig. Züge werden verschwendet bzw vollkommen überflüssige Züge werden ausgeführt. Etwas mehr Logik wäre nicht schlecht. Es muss nicht perfekt sein aber zumindest halbwegs logisch.

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