[Fixed in 2.2] Autoplay endless loop

Not a big deal but… no moves available and autoplay tries to cast gravedigger over and over


Let me also chime in for this bug report, as this was actually on my list for quite a while, though not with Gravedigger.

The problem with Autoplay and casting spells is that Autoplay does not check for secondary requirements of a spell. This means that only the spell’s mana requirement is checked when deciding to cast the spell. I noticed this with “Gold Sense”, which requires the presence of Big V gems. If casting this spell is available (enough mana) but no Big V gems are on the board, Autoplay will continuously spam the spell. This leads to: a) no progression and b) [after manual intervention] the error message “Cannot cast that spell” being printed even in the menus after the end of the fight.

Suggested fix for Autoplay:

  1. check the mana requirement per spell
  2. check the secondary requirements before attempting to cast a spell
  3. check optional requirements to assess if casting a spell is valuable

The secondary requirements are:

  • gems being present, e.g., for conversion spells or special spells like Gold Sense
  • rows / columns / gems being valid as target

Optional requirements are:

  • Ultimate Gems on board, e.g., for Spells like Divine Steed, Hellfire Gate, etc.
  • Greed / Rage / etc. stacks present (e.g., for Wall of Anger or Greedy Rage)
  • Status effect active, e.g., for Acid Cloud: enemy is poisoned / affected by Bad Juju

While 3) would be a real benefit to the autoplay mode for the player, 2) is required to remove endless loops. The current “workaround” for me is to create a dedicated “Autoplay” loadout and manually remove all spells with secondary requirements.

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