[Reported] I am not crazy!

ok, this has been haunting me since auto-play was implemented. in avoiding playing the seasons, i’ve been playing most of it on auto-play. i would occasionally look up and see it casting after making a match. but it did it very rarely. to the point that i started questioning my sanity.

i asked in kingdom and, well, they already questioned my sanity so nothing changed there, but they just thought i was trolling them. but while fighting some kind of respiratory virus/bacterial infection, i decided to click record and start a fight of 1.3 elite story mode. and the first fight I caught it!

THE GAME WILL LET THE AUTO PLAYER CAST SPELLS AFTER IT STARTS MATCHING! now, it’s still really bad at making reasonable matches or even casting good spells, BUT IT’S CHEATING!

the matches start around the 11 second mark. at the end of the timer it cast dispel.


Hey Rob,

Great catch on video! I have passed this along to the team :sparkles:

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: