[Fixed in 1.3] Cannot cast spell. No target available

It looks like the newer spells are checking the board for targets before allowing the spell to be cast. But if you compare the primary spell conditions of Dark Machination and Dark Ice they are essentially identical, one targets yellow and the other blue, both with a secondary chance to create gems. The screen shots below show that the game does not treat these the same. I believe i should be able to cast a spell regardless of the primary condition in order to try my chances on the secondary condition.

Edit: adding Dark Ice spell text


I could understand the spell being locked if it only had one function. i.e. Convert 7 blue gems to purple.
I agree that you should be able to use it to trigger the second function, regardless if the first function will do anything.

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Thank you @00h00m for letting us know about this issue. Agreed that the second part of the Dark Machination spell should still have a chance to trigger, even when there are no yellow gems on the board.

I reported this to the Development Team and they have implemented a fix for the spell which will be released in update 1.3.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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That’s a nice turn around.

Thanks for taking care of this. Good communication and problem resolution is appreciated.