Best way to use gems

Hey I’m a fairly new f2p player and I was wondering you’re opinions on the best way to spend gems. Should I be hoarding or surrending on daily deals asap.

Hi and welcome!

I would suggest that you horde for now until you get a good feel for what you ‘need’ to progress.

First and foremost is to get a good weapon (In ‘bundles’ > ‘other’). I would say that early on in the game it is probably worth the gems to buy a rare weapon from the shop if you have not had the good fortune of getting rare or better in a drop. The Royal Longsword and Dwarven Hammer are tried and true favorites, but you will never get to choose your item type

There are lots of good resources out there on the forum and the web.

Here are two of my favorite threads for building gear sets:
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