Board rule and effect

Since version 2.X story comes to an end, I think it’s time to suggest some extra stuff to stir up things and make campaign more interesting…

Board Rule: some new rule apply on a certain game board. It will persist throughout the combat.
Chaos space: gem will fall from different direction, change randomly every turn.
Cyclone: no skyfall during every turn(skyfall will fill the board at the end of each turn).
Inferno world: All fire gems appear with bigger size (+1).
Tight space: Board is smaller than normal (less rows and columns).

Board effect: applied by spell and gear effect. Minor change to the combat for a short time, normally a few turns.
Dense fog: physical attack become less likely to be critical or be blocked.
Acid rain: more poison gem and less ice gem skyfall.
Combustible mana: cast a damaging spell do heavy damage to everyone. Dissipate once triggered.

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