[BUG] Devs have abandoned this game

I feel a bit of an obligation to the whole community, as we have all been ranting in our own threads about actual game issues, to create a thread simply about the lack of communication, the disinterest in the developers to tend to issues in their game, and honestly - that this game has been abandoned.

If you agree, please take it upon yourself to keep this thread pinned at the top of the forum via bump replies so that anyone new who finds their way here (wtf recent FB posts? this game is dead) can quickly understand that their experience is not unique and will not be addressed.

And on a personal note: I am extremely disappointed and a bit angry at 505/Infinity+1 for their treatment of one of my favorite franchises. Not that I’m going to take a vendetta about it, but this company will be the new model that I use to frame exactly what not to do as a business in every conversation concerning game development. And…I kinda discuss it a lot.


I would also recommend since they are investing time in apparently making regular Facebook posts trumpeting the game (while completely ignoring this forum) to go visit Facebook PQ3 site (Puzzle Quest 3) and leave your thoughts there. They even respond to comments there!

I too am upset with how things are going as far as the progression of the beta testing but after the recent operating system upgrade I was locked out of my account and someone was able to quickly answer my questions and resolve my issue so I am thankful for that for their quick response

I guess since the Android gamers feel abandoned. We iOS gamers don’t have a chance in h@77 of getting our version that was due last quarter!!! Lmao

The Dutch have the app it seems.

Nice to know Dutch language support was more important than releasing to an entire platform of how many millions of users??

Priorities of this company have gone to pot… so unfortunate. :cry: