Bug - Technical Hang in Equipment menu

Steps to reproduce a technical hang in the equipment menus.
Following a fairly common series of actions related to the daily quest to upgrade an item and salvage an item the player can get the game stuck in a technical hang. The game is still running, but the player is unable to interact with any button or menu and can only force close the game.

Platform, device version and operating system
PC, Steam, version

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was navigating menus and expecting clicking X to close one would return me to a previous menu. A sequence of events can result in the game having a technical hang, where the game is still running, but the player cannot click on anything or do anything other than force quit.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happened a few times by accident, as I was doing the daily quest tasks for upgrading an item and salvaging an item. I now have steps to reproduce it 100%

Steps to make it happen again
Launch the game, Hero tab, Click on Gear to access Hero Inventory.
Click on Gear Vault.
Click on a piece of equipment in the list.
Click on Upgrade.
Click on any level to make the upgrade panel appear on the right.
Purchase an upgrade (adding 1 level is sufficient).
Click on the bulk salvage button near the top.
With bulk salvage open, click the X in the top right (exit bulk salvage without salvaging anything)
It puts you back to the Hero tab. Click on Gear. (At this point you can notice the buttons for the different tabs along the bottom are incorrectly overlayed, partially obscuring Set bonuses and the button for Gear Vault.)
Click on Gear Vault.
Equipment list appears as normal and lets you click on different items okay. But now click on the X in the top right to leave the gear vault.

The game is now stuck in a technical hang. The Equipment list is still visible on the right side of the screen, but none of the items can be interacted with, nor do any of the other buttons respond. The game has not hung because the music continues to play and the player avatar continues to be animated in the background, but the player can do nothing other than force close the game.