Burn the Dead spell not working or description needs clarification?

EDIT: I had someone explain to me from my Kingdom how this spell actually works. I’ve left the original text below to show you how confused I got over the wording of how the spell works. It might be beneficial to players to reword the spell. Maybe? “Deal Level: [2-75] Fire Damage and Destroy all Skulls. Boost damage done when casting the spell by +1/2/3/4/5/6% for each skull destroyed”
It was also pointed out there are other spells that work like this but as I haven’t used them I hadn’t understood this type of spell.

Original Text:
Today I was trying to use the spell Burn the Dead but I can’t see it working. After casting the spell and skulls being destroyed my stats are the same and all spells still do the same damage amount including the Burn the Dead spell.

The description for Burn the dead reads: “Deal Level: [2-75] Fire Damage and Destroy all Skulls. Boost damage by +1/2/3/4/5/6% for each skull destroyed”

I assumed this would boost my stats each time I cast the spell.

Upon typing this message I did have the realisation that maybe the spell works like this: “Deal Level: [2-75] Fire Damage and Destroy all Skulls. Boost damage done by these skulls by +1/2/3/4/5/6% for each skull destroyed”

This would explain why I can’t see any difference. Any chance of explaining how this spell works to me? Also if it is just the skulls is it just the skulls destroyed by the spell or does it include any more skulls I match on the same turn?

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It is skulls just destroyed by the spell. If any fall and match after the spell has been cast, they will not be added to the boost.
But yes, it is deal x damage and destroy skulls, damage boosted by skulls destroyed.

I can pass this feedback onto the team to consider in future! I myself had only read it as boosted for just that one casting, but I can see how adding in something along the lines of “boosted by skulls destroyed” rather than it’s own line of text could help potentially clarify for others.