[FIXED IN .37] Split Skulls DOES NOT deal double damage when Barbaric Rage is active

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

The Berserker spell Split Skulls is listed as dealing melee damage. The Barbaric Rage effect gained from matching the Rage gems generated by the Berserker Ultimate says the following:

Therefore the damage of Split skulls should be doubled whenever Barbaric Rage is active. However, this is not the case. In the screens below, Barbaric Rage is active and Split Skulls is listed as normal for my current stats as 2,410 as seen below:

When fired, Split Skulls should therefore deal 4,820 damage. As seen, only 2,410 (9,704 less 2,410 equal 7,204) damage was inflicted:

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Always; this has been happening as long as I can recall and was referenced here by another player:

Several other reported items bugs in the same thread have since been addressed (Holy Avenger, Wither, Terror, etc.) but this remains outstanding and is not listed as a known issue. If this is intended behavior, then the text should be clear that Spell-based physical damage is excluded.

Steps to make it happen again
See above



I’ve updated a previous report in regards to Barbaric Rage, to also include how it interacts Split Skulls.

Also included your screenshot as well as my own from my Barbarian character.

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Thank you for taking time to respond and provide an update. It is appreciated.


Hey again!

This should be resolved with the next update!

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Just to confirm, this fix will apply to all spells that do physical damage correct? Such as Cleave an Spin Attack, for example.


Any possibility of confirming this?

Sorry I had missed this @Sibelios!

I’ll follow up with the team, as to what is intended with these spells!

Wonder if as they don’t have a damage descriptor like Split Skulls had, being melee damage, if that is any part of it… Which would hopefully with clear up any other Barbaric spells too!

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The three spells listed (Split Skulls, Cleave, Spin Attack) all do physical damage as their damage is applied against Armor, not Resistance. I wouldn’t have any reason to believe that it is missile damage, rather than melee damage, but in terms of Barbaric Rage that should be irrelevant (double damage from skulls is still applied even when using a Bow or other missile weapon with Barbaric Rage active).

That was a morning brain moment for me…

BUT the team is looking into this!

I just reproduced this on .37 and they aren’t doing double damage.

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