Question about Barbaric rage

Hello all

It is indicated on the spell Barbaric rage that it increases the damage of skulls and certain spells of the berserker.
But I don’t have any information on these spells, do you know which ones?

Thak you !

Hi Nicky,

Barbaric Rage doubles skull matching damage, when in effect. If rage gems and skull gems are matched on the same turn when rage is not in effect, the rage gems will process first, granting the skull gems bonus damage on that turn.

Regarding spells, if the spell is modified by Barbaric Rage then there will be a note on the spell description about the bonus effect. Only Beserker class spells have these modifiers on them at this time. These spells have a special mark on their icon and have a note in their description that they can only be equipped by the Beserker class.

For example, the Cleave spell has an additional chance to destroy additional rows on the game board if cast while Rage is in effect.

Hope this information helps!

Here’s a list if Berserker class spells; look for the phrase “If Rage is active” for those spells modified by Barbaric Rage. Ignore the spell levels as that is no longer applicable.

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thx you for answers, I don’t have the goods spells yet so