[REPORTED] Megathread- bugged skills and status effects

Do we need a megathread for this or is it just widely accepted by everyone else that a large number of skills don’t work correctly at all? It seems tedious to fill out the standard bug report form because there are SO MANY broken skills.

Just off the top of my head:

  • Holy avenger gives no damage bonus for number of light orbs destroyed (text says +10% each)

  • Wither does not double certain negative status effects at all. Tested with poison+wither combo, still gives +25% dmg bonus instead of +50%.

  • Terror does not correctly halve positive status effects. The description of terror says it will have the effects of barrier and haste as an example, but barrier is fully unaffected by terror, still nullifies damage completely.

This is just what I can remember right now, but players encounter bugged skills with pretty much every random build you could come up with.

This is likely just intended behavior, but Berserker’s physical damage skills (e.g. Split Skulls and Cleave) are unaffected by his Rage status effect. Rage states that it doubles his physical damage, and those listed skills do apply their damage to armor and not resistance. It would provide some welcome synergy if this was fixed/changed.

Next week I’ll look into starting a mega thread which keeps track of bugged skills and status effects. Thank you for the suggestion.

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This seems like a very good idea.

*Vampiric Touch: tooltip states you receive 30% of the damage back as life, but the healing doesn’t scale with damage dealt. Instead, it heals a fixed 30% of the base spell damage. For example , you could deal additional damage against a light enemy because it’s a dark spell, but the healing does not scale with it. Idk if this is coded wrong or the description is just misleading.


It also does the inverse, in that it will still heal for base value even if not that much damage is dealt. Doing 1,000 damage with 40% heal is 400 hp + healing % even if the enemy only had 1 durability left before they were killed, meaning essentially 1 damage was dealt. Last I recall it also still heals when doing damage to barrier, which of course is 0 damage.


Night blade: “deals X damage as dark, +y% per purple gem on the board”

Doesn’t count orbs that are already locked in as a match. Can’t tell if this is intentional behavior or hot, but it does make the spell far weaker. And completely unpredictable with orb changers.

Edit: Frost bolt functions identically. I would guess this is how it’s intended to work, but who knows really… All I can say is that it should be changed to count all orbs, even those that are already locked into matches.

@Cherry just followed up with this, as I myself main Necromancer. It isn’t intended to scale with any bonus damage. The %heal is from the base damage Vampiric Touch deals.
For example, mine reads Deal 3206 & receive 10% of it back as Life - so it will always do 10% of 3206.
Which relates to @Tacet comment about when dealing damage against a barrier, because it is taking the % from the base damage. And not the reduced damage after hitting a Barrier.

I have passed the feedback on that if this is intended the spell and spells that work similar may be reworded to better reflect what is happening.

As always, being in Early Access, this could be changed in future.

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