[Reported] Vampiric Touch and Critical Spell Damage

Vampiric Touch, and likely many other spells with a similar secondary component, is not calculating critical spell damage in the healing portion of the spell.

At the end of this PvP battle I had a 80k+ Vampiric Touch critical hit. The 30% of 80k heal, approximately 24k, should have been more than enough health for a complete heal, but instead it only healed on the normal hit total.


My starting stats:

Y’all really need to start handing out bug bounties. It is really exhausting doing all of this capture, analysis, and reporting… almost like it should be part of someone’s paid position.

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Asking the team how it’s intended to work, if it is only on base damage or inclusive of things like crit damage - would of expected it to be total damage, but will jump back in once I hear back.