Co-op Difficult XI

Oh! Co-op XI has been added! Sweet!

Ran a few XI co-op dungeons

First thing I noticed that was there was no increase in enemy GS

Noticed that enemy damage and health hasn’t been noticably different from X.

Also noticed that despite having the bosses be level 105 and 110, the chests were level 100.

Did open two of the chests tho, and got all food, ore, gold, mythic runes, and mythic scrolls, so - theres no issue with chest rewards.

Edit: Depsite beating Difficulty XI in Co-op, my loot tickets still say X as best completion. Please fix so that I can get the food to appease Gong

Probably not intended, at least not yet.

Although there is clearly a Difficulty XI choice in the co-op menu,

it’s all sorts of bugged.

Can’t pick any dungeon besides Dragonguard Depths (the background even changes if you try to do so, but stays on Dragonguard Depths; EDIT: it’s a graphic glitch).

However, even once a dungeon is picked, the game snaps that dungeon right back to Difficulty X.


That would explain your level 100 chest.

In any case, Difficulty XI is definitely not ready for primetime yet. Maybe it’s a 1.2 thing that accidentally partially snuck out early in 1.1.1?