Compared to 1 and 2

A farcry from the previous 2 titles.
1 and 2 was a one time payment game that could be played offline for unlimited time and use. This wonderful title seem to have fallen into the cesspool of always online pay to win dime in a dozen android games. Once the developers decide that this has no more hype value and no more money to be milked from it they will shutdown the servers and goes with it your money and time you’ve invested in it. Also people on limted data, people working on ships, people who only have utp lan internet won’t be able to play this game either. Even single player needs internet connection to run. WHY?
The toxic monetization runs rampant. What should be a $15-20 game is now free to (play) lose and if you want to make any progress you’ll need to spend $20-25 for 1 hour worth of content. THE GAME IS NOT EVEN FINISHED YET! The loot you can buy is randomized. You can’t buy the items you need directly so you’ll end up spending more money for junk you don’t need. This is still a controversial issue since in the EU this counts as gambling and therefore subject to be banned out of 27 countries. Loot boxes are a typical sign of a bad cash grab game right after the pay to win feature.
Since the last nerf, spells became useless: they made it so that if your gear is way under your level you will die before you have enough mana to cast spells and if you payed for the appropriate gear the enemy dies before you could have enough mana to use your spells. The restricted pvp does nothing but force you to have different variety of payed gear because the restrictions does not change the game rules in any noticeable way. Same goes for chests and minions. There is absolutely no difference what you will get from different element of chests. Just forces you to have more minions and pay more for upgrading them.
The farming feature was taken away to make sure you don’t have any means to get the required gear to be able to make any progress but to pay for it. Putting the game in easy mode, farming low level items, dismantling them for bits to upgrade your main gear was a good alternative way to advance. Most p2w games hve features like this. Not this one, not any more.

Let me play the single player offline,
Let me buy the campaign for $15
Let me use my spells
Give me a way to get better gear without gambling illegally.

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We had the original version on PS2 when my kids were little. After playing this one, my adult son is talking about repairing the old console, just so we can play the original again!

All that to say, ‘same, Friend!’ Your frustration is not yours, alone.