Confirm spending gems to complete pet rest


Please add a confirmation to spending gems to accelerate pet rest. I’ve wasted too many gems trying to get my chests sorted before going to bed.


Strong agree. Please also add a confirmation to battle revives if there isn’t already one (I forget).

As a side note, it’s also really frustrating how many gems I wasted early on in the game on stuff like accelerating chests or revives before the game economy changed in updates and there were more and better things to spend gems on. I can’t get those back, and the gem income once you’ve gotten all classes to 50 is so low. Really sucks.


Apparently they are aware on some level, but I would also love sone kind of confirmation before spending premium currency


Agreed with both of these points.

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Yes, please! This has definitely gotten me too so painfully.

Agreed! Looking back to when I started the game, I had no idea that the gem income from the story would end when tthe story was complete. I thought if you spent gems to buy 6th or more characters, you could get gem income from taking them through the story too. The game does a pretty terrible job at educating the new players about basic gameplay information. Please do better!

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Be great if the default Pet filter settings would stick
That way I could be confident that available pets only would be on the list
The filter seems to reset with any restart

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