[Contact Support] 30 day crown deal

Me again. I purchased the 30 day crown deal on September 20th. Everything fine. Before that ended I purchased 2 more 30 day crown deals on October 12th within minutes of each other. I instantly got only 250 crowns for 1st one. I figured second one will kick in after that runs out, nope. It ended yesterday and I never got the other 30day deal 250 instant crowns and the new month of the deal never started. So I have got nothing from this deal I already paid for. I have all 3 of the transaction numbers for my purchases if you need them.

@Cheesy Can you please submit a ticket for privacy and security reasons as we will need to get screenshots of the purchase receipts and your account name code.

Submit a ticket for privacy? I don’t follow. I did a bug ticket.


Can you please submit a ticket here if you haven’t already. If you have can you let me know the ticket number and I will see where it went.

Didnt I do that in my 1st post?

I thought I did that when I made this thread as a bug report? I’m confused

As we need to ask follow-up questions about your account and data, can you please submit a ticket via the link above.

Sharing a report on the forums (here) is helpful for other issues, but anything that requires sensitive information to be shared, needs to be submitted into a ticket, and not a forum thread.

Oh ok didn’t see link. 1 second

Thank you, please make sure to include your name code and screenshots/copies of your PSN purchase receipts for your Crown 30-Day Subscriptions.

I confirmed email but forgot to add pics of transactions for for privacy message. I don’t see any other messages besides this thread. ??

Any replies to your ticket once submitted will appear there and not here, as they are two separate sites.
Can you give me the ticket number once you have submitted your ticket and I will locate and reply further there.

Ugh where would my ticket number be?

It’s not in the email

After filling in this form (via the Submit a request button)

You will get an email to verify your Support account, this is different to your Community Forum account (where we are writing currently). After clicking through the link in that email and verifying your Support account, you should get a second email with your ticket information.

Are you in other chat.? I need to add pics of transactions there