[Contact Support] Never got the 3 crystals from the 500 gems deal

I’m a bit late with this bug report. I apologize. Very busy lately. Last week (maybe) there was a flash offer for crystals. 3 for 500. I was busy converting relics to T4 relics and needed some Evyline’s crystals for the job. I had two at the time I bought the flash deal. It showed me the purchase animation. As part of the purchase animation, it shows you the number you currently have of the crystal. It said I had 5. A day later (when I’d scraped the ore together) I went in to start churning out brand new T4s and my ACTUAL Evyline’s crystal inventory was just 2.

Did I not flag this correctly? Perhaps too few people encountered this problem.

@HinnFalni can you please submit a ticket to Support so we can ask some more questions and look into this further?

I don’t know how to submit a ticket and it was so long ago anyway. :person_shrugging: