[Fixed] Mis-advertised PSN Add-on Details?

I purchased the ‘PUZZLE QUEST 3 - Adventurer’s Goldenrune Pack’ add-on and it is advertised as including ‘4000 Random Shards, 7500 Food and 7500 Gold’ but I only received 2000 shards and 5000 food and 5000 gold, so the advertised details are incorrect.

Reported to PS Support for a resolution. Which has been a complete pain in the ass itself :frowning:


This is an issue we have been made aware of and are releasing a fix today/tomorrow and the missing rewards look like they will be sent out automatically to anyone who purchased this offer prior to the fix!

Thanks @Jeto , any recompense for the 2 hours wasted waiting for PSN live chat support to do basically nothing to help?

Appreciate that your team has fixed this though and are sending the missing items.

There will be some additional compensation in the mail along with the missing items.