Demo of my warlock in battle

Inspired by @Namodias and what he does with the Adventure mode videos, I decided to share video of my warlock in 100 level dungeon battle.

I’m not a streamer. I recorded the video on my phone, so I won’t be talking throughout the video.
I’m also not a hardcore player who tries different builds and combinations. I’m just a f2p player (except for a season pass and a quest pass that I bought) who has been playing for a year.

Important information:
Slot 1 spell: does damage and has a chance per purple gem to stun the enemy. Usually stuns.
Slot 2 spell: does damage and burns the enemy. If enemy is already burning, generate 5-6 purple gems.
Slot 3 spell: generate 5-6 purple gems with chance to generate 5 more
Slot 4 spell: deal damage per purple gem and burn the enemy

6 piece night set with 2 mythic items gives me the following bonuses:

  • 85% chance to generate two purple gems when casting a spell
  • 65% chance to fill 10 ultimate mana when casting regular spell
  • 13% chance to fill all my purple spells when matching 4 or more purple gems

As you can see, this setup allows me to stun mini bosses and bosses on each turn (if lucky enough) and in the end the burn + wither finishes the enemy.

The most challenging enemy with this build - the Tree from the seasons on elite mode. If it has full life, it cleanses the burn and breaks my gem generation strategy.

My loadout:


I absolutely love what you did and I really like your build, it seems extremely fun! Sorta similar to mine in that we are both trying to flood mana and utilize stuns.

It was a tough decision for me when I first started playing to choose between a mono color green, purple or red build. They all three have some really potent builds.

Obviously I chose the green build and at that moment I decided I was going to focus on that entirely because I was trying to be a ftp player and not spend. Well hundreds of dollars later I see that was hopeless lol.

I wish the game wasn’t so geared towards spending at every turn or I could experiment more with different builds but unfortunately I cant sink 500.00 into every different build I want to try to see if I like it or not so sadly I pretty much stuck with the build I chose at the start.

It is really cool to see this in action though and I wish more players would showcase their builds like we do! Awesome job man! :slight_smile:

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@Heno3HaTaTa I appreciate that you took the time to make a video and write so much here and also in the other thread from Namodius.

Thank you for sharing this video!