Diamond chests are equivalent to 6 hours of game time :(

I just opened a level 100 diamond chest, and, as usual, was horrible disappointed in my haul after the obligatory 24 hour wait.

I got 20 odd (total) superior shards, of two different types, a common spell and 275 ore.

Grungli could make me 18 shards in 6 hours, I could get 270 ore in 5 hours, Xione could craft me two spells in 6 hours, with it almost guaranteed at least one would be rare. Why do diamond chests consistently provide such garbage rewards?

I get better returns from iron chests, at a much faster rate. And I know I can’t get spells or legendary gear from iron chests, but I’ve never gotten legendary items from a diamond chest, nor items of any decent rarity, and the miniscule chance that I might get a glyph, relic or legendary item just isn’t worth the regular disappointment that comes from opening diamond chests. Given the relative rarity of diamond chests, the amount of time it takes to open them and the economy of the game, it seems like this is something that needs to stop being talked about and actually fixed. .36 drove away so many people, please throw us a bone here.