Do the devs ever respond to forum questions/comments?

I’ve seen a number of questions, comments, concerns about the 1.3 patch posted here but I’m not seeing much in the way of response from the developers. It would be really nice if they’d at least let us know what they plan to keep and what they plan to change/revert so we can decide whether or not to uninstall.


I think they’ve said what they are doing to say for the time being in this thread which you’ve already seen:

Given their history of not saying anything until they have something definitive to say, you are basically shouting into a black hole at this point. Take it from someone who has been shouting in the black hole for over a year.

If you are that bothered by the update, then I would recommend you uninstall the game and if you want, keep tabs here to see if they change anything.

But I like shrieking into the abyss ! It’s cathartic.
Seriously though if that’s how it is I guess I’ll uninstall and keep an eye on the forums. I’m pretty new to all of this so thanks for letting me know.
Have a good weekend.

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trust me I feel your pain.

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I just wanted to jump in here if you didn’t recognise my little icon!
I’m Jeto one of the CX dev members, you can also spot @OminousGMan in the forums passing on feedback and responding to bug reports! Keep in mind, that we are a small little team and we are based in Australia in case you do not see us over the weekend or at different times when you are active in the forum :sparkles:

We have a couple of specific threads going at the moment, if you have any issues or further feedback relating to 1.3 found below!
If you have had any issues in 1.3 bug-wise - don’t hesitate to post here or create a new bug thread, a member of the team will either comment or mark it as Reported/Investigating/More info needed

If you have any specific feedback about the latest UI changes

We have been gathering the feedback shared from this thread and anywhere else we can grab and pass this onto the team.

Also, you can always submit a ticket directly to us as well here

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

You still haven’t answered the question many of us have asked. Are you going to fix the gear layout or not??? Why won’t your team answer a simple question Jeto? Regardless of where you’re located or how small your team is it would take less than sixty seconds for one of you to either type “yes” or “no” here.

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The CX people here can only give project manager approved answers. The Devs have never ever posted on here. Welcome to the Infinity + 2 and 505 games player experience

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