Dungeon Difficulty Not Yet Implemented?

Dungeon runs appear to be one of the primary sources of resource grinding. When re-running dungeons, the pre-dungeon run interface gives the player the option to select a difficulty. However, this option appears to be currently disabled. As a result, the base difficulty of a dungeon currently scales with the player’s level, resulting in situations where the Chapter 1 dungeon has gear scores at absurd levels (mine is currently at 300+).

Ironically, this makes the optimum tactic to be raising a 2nd character, giving it the overpowered gear from the first character, and farming the dungeon while the 2nd character’s level is still low (rewards are not tied to player level, but to the dungeon itself). This surely cannot be intended behavior.

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I have the answers you seek!

The normal difficulty scales with your level until 50, so even though you haven’t changed difficulties it does still get harder. Difficulty I unlocks once you’ve beat normal and are level 50, then the enemies scale to a slightly higher level. Then difficulty II unlocks when you clear Difficulty I, and so on.

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Hello Salty, I think the ask here is to adjust the Dungeon scaling so they can actually be completed. I agree with Lyrian that Dungeons below character level 50 are nearly impossible due to enemies being such higher power levels.

An option to set an earlier difficulty or less steep power scaling would be appreciated.

I’ve passed the feedback on. Thank you!