Esgaard Shield needs a buff

I really don’t get the design choice behind an item like Esgaard Shield, its just so bad.

Compare it to the shields its most like… Corrupted Guard Shield , Guard Shield, Anthrite Shield, all of which blow it completely out of the water and all of which have equally strong set bonuses. Its just vastly inferior at the moment to the other shields that are comparable to it.

Needs a rework, something to distinguish it from the other shields, maybe a ward bonus added as well or something

Either universal or more likely, the same color as the shield. I think that would make it much more interesting, keep it in the defensive nature of Esgaard, and not make the shield too powerful. Just compensation for the weaker and more niche guard ability it has, that mainly only really shines in Party mode, and even then…probably still not as good as the other candidates for its job.

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Now that we’re getting a bunch of shields that are basically ward shields with different activation triggers in 2.5, I’d like to update my buff suggestion to missile defense instead. That would give the Esgaard Shield more of its own identity and offset its currently weak primary ability.


one change I’d like to see is to the Dragonking I set bonus, I feel like the conditions are unnecessary, I wish the cleanse could work in every game mode. I like good all purpose builds and if I were to build specifically for PvP I’d probably use a trarg helm anyway.

The latest meta is about people abusing stunlocking with low lvl weapons, the enemy don’t even attack. Modifying Drakonking I could break this but being able to stunlock opponents for 10min fights is a bit nonsensical to begin with, just give stun immune to PvP like in PvE against elite and lower the hard cap to bonus points from 70% to like 45, it’d make everyone’s life better and make PvP more balanced.

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