Everything is "hard"?

My necromancer is level 17.

I love the gameplay as far as the battles go, but everything outside of that is incredibly confusing to me.

Why is it when I select “easy” skirmishes and dungeons, they have 100 PTS higher gest score than me and are listed as a “hard” challenge. I can barely complete any of them.

I’ve been upgrading my gear and trying to get sets, but honestly all of the different currencies for everything are kind of overwhelming. I barely know what I’m doing when I’m upgrading stuff.

I’ve reached a point where I can’t really win anything anymore.

It feels obnoxiously pay to win. Because I die partway through a dungeon and it’s like “revive yourself with gems!!” :grimacing:

Is that really the only way to make it through… Anything in this game?

All the follower side quests are “very hard.”
The story quests, skirmishes, dungeons… “hard”

If I can’t complete anything, then I can’t get gear to get stronger to beat things…

I really love the art, the gameplay, the sound effects, the music… But I’m stuck.

See this post for help - Getting Started Tips & Tricks

But probably the first and best thing you can do is start a 2nd hero.

Also the game is not pay to win. It’s pay to get higher level stuff faster.