Feedback: Fluxes

Fluxes are a very potent currency, in that they act as wildcard for ascending anything. They are also premium items, in that they appear to be available from sources that require real-money transactions to obtain (VIP passes, Campaign passes). They also have the benefit of not consuming actual inventory space as well.

To that extent, they are currently extremely easy to accidentally consume in an evolution transaction, as they appear as if they were pieces of equipment in the same window.

I can foresee a whole lot of support tickets from people “misclicking/tapping” on the fluxes when trying to click/tap on an item in the ascension window. As fluxes are premium items, may I suggest an additional “Are you sure you want to use a flux in this evolution? This decision is not reversible.” prompt to head off this issue before it happens?

If the player goes forward with the transaction anyways, the disclaimer was presented to the player and they voluntarily confirmed the second verification prompt to acknowledge their decision.