Scrapping/Converting Rare+ Items Into Flux

One thing that is particularly noticeable with the limited storage space currently in PQ3 is how ridiculously hard it is to hold onto spares of various rare+ in order to use them for ascension. This is particularly noticeable for gear, where even a 2x larger storage buff to Guard would leave it in a really limited state.

After having scrapped upwards of a dozen rares just in the last 2 days, it would be nice if all that scrapping was actually working towards an upgrade. Currently the scrapping system does RNG into potential upgrade material, but currently the scrapping system has no chance to progress the items required for crafting.

Technically, every one item scrapped is a single flux material of the same rarity, so it wouldn’t be too far off to expect scrapping X amount would eventually give flux of that same rarity, of which currently no amount of scrapping would ever do.

One potential system for a scrapping improvement could be to tie it to end game followers.

The default could be something like scrapping 15 of a same rarity material will give 1 flux of that same rarity. It could then be reduced by 1 for every ascension on Hunter bringing it to 14 for uncommon, all the way down to 10 same rarity scraps for mythic Hunter follower. This essentially forms 10-15 same rarity material into an all purpose same rarity flux that does not require the use of Guard’s limited space.

One potential similar buff to scrapping could be to have the ascension of Runesmith effect the amount of shards received back when scrapping a piece of equipment. Default could be changed from whatever the broken system is now to a base value of 30% shard return that then goes to 40% for uncommon all the way up to 80% shard return for a mythic Runesmith when scrapping a piece of equipment.

I’m super-skeptical that the devs will allow anything to convert into a flux. As fluxes are wildcards in ascensions, there is significant monetization value present in them (see today’s flash offer on Books of Deeds in GoW).

As far as I can see, unless fluxes can drop from end-game diamond chests, fluxes are only awarded to VIP players every 50th day (amount and type based on VIP level). I think the intent here is that fluxes (and potentially glyphs as well) are VIP perks. F2P players have to grind up items in the hardest ways possible in the game.

Uncommon and Rare items just need to break down into their appropriate rarity’s shard. Each piece of gear needs 210 lesser shards to reach level 20 and 310 greater shards to reach level 30. Times 12 gear slots, plus spells and minions, is an absurd amount of shards to obtain for a player’s first set of gear for that rarity level.

The Runesmith upgrade idea is a good idea, IMO. It would definitely give that follower’s upgrades additional incentive to pursue.

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Fluxes are currently obtained as RNG drops from chests. I personally haven’t got any yet, but there have been a few instances of it.

PQ3 expects the player to hold 3 of every gear that wants to be upgraded, yet gives the storage that can’t even hold 1 of gear properly. Gear storage either needs to be increased by A LOT, or they have to put that value into salvaging.

I feel like a lot of people, including the devs, over value flux as a currency. They are currently arbitrarily rare for how little they do. Not counting the gold, it is only 2/7 of the components needed currently to ascend an object. In Gems of War equivalency, all flux is just different variants of a small orange orb (or 1/7th of a blue orb), where the glyph is a small blue orb.

Rare flux in particular seems to be particularly overvalued given how easy it is to get a lot of the same rares using dungeon chests and class specific chests. It took only a day of doing a dungeon to have enough rares to epic ascend nearly every armor piece from the dungeon, but did not have the storage nor the other material. This meant I had the 3/7 (the 3 gear pieces, as in DID NOT need rare flux), but I did not have the storage nor the other 4 upgrade material.

Having same rarity flux drop from scrapping rare+ equipment of the same rarity is more so a storage fix than a ‘too hard to get the components’ fix. The proposed concept converts the scrapping of specific flux material into no storage limit all purpose flux material after doing it a lot of time, kind of like how the system already rewards the player with ascension shards for salvaging.

It isn’t overpowered to think that scrapping 10-20 of something at the same rarity will give back 1 of that material without a storage limit. With the previously mentioned system, it would take anywhere from half a year to 1 year to even get a single legendary flux (haven’t even gotten a single legend yet, let alone the spares to start scrapping 10+ of them).

Assuming they keep Guard’s storage in some variant of not enough storage (which is pretty much anything below a 4x storage buff), a way of obtaining flux would be important. Flux’s current value is based on the fact Guard has such limited storage, not because the material is extremely good. If Guard had around 10x+ his storage, flux would be minimally needed; but, at lower capacities based around mass salvaging, it is a near requirement to give some way for the player to obtain it from the salvaging system.

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