Destructive pop-up "sales"

Edit: Refunded as of 23.12.2021. Leaving the text until the problem/risk is addressed further.

The pop-up “sales” are incredibly frustrating. Besides the overall annoyance, they also pose a very real risk of players wasting their resources on them. I would know, because it happened to me today. I spent 265 crowns on an epic relic which I don’t need whatsoever.

I was opening chests which were moved to the bottom of the main menu (not far from the purchase button) and accidentally clicked to purchase the pop-up as it appeared between chests. For me, the entire story is just a story of frustration, based on the following reasons:

  1. “Pop-up ads” are annoying and absolutely destructive to developing a “community-based” game.

  2. The ads pop-up in the middle of me performing other actions, distracting me leading to risk of purchasing them accidentally.

  3. Chest animations scroll slowly, and touching the screen makes them go faster. This leads to a lot of needless touching the screen.

  4. The prices of the ads are absurd - it isn’t cheap, it is just a huge resource waste.

  5. (Only relevant to the frustration - not the event) The only reason I had the excess crowns was because I purchased enough crowns to purchase two battle passes. Thanks for that.

This experience, as well as the recent changes has made me decide never to pay anything further unless there are major player/community improvements. I regret paying for VIP/battle pass previously now based on the monetization direction which have been taken.

Below is evidence of my demise…

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This is terrible - I suggest you lodge a ticket
Pop-up ad’s should have AT LEAST one confirmation (if not more) since the player didn’t go seeking the purchase via multiple clicks through the shop menus

Confirmation on spending premium currency has been a request for months now. Also requested has been the cessation of placing premium currency spending buttons in easy to mistakenly hit places.

There has been no apparent signs of listening from this company. I too have stopped spending money here since September, until they acknowledge these issues.