Flash offers - feedback

Ok, so first look at flash offers, and as I hate popups (who doesn’t?) I understand that they are a part of microtransactions, and will be there I like it or not.
However I think they way they appear now is a bit too random. And let me elaborate:

  • rune deal - I dropped epic light rune from one of my first chests today, and right away a got a deal to buy another one… while I hope to get the dark one, I was already dissapointed that I got a light one, and the deal offers to buy another one I do not need? No way I would be interested in such a deal. Maybe instead of this - just run a check on inventory which runes you have the least? Or check the character I am playing and offer something that matches?
  • relic deal - as I was opening a chest from Bone dungeon I got a rare ring and imediately I got proposed a deal to get relics from this set. And I think that makes sense - as I am farming specific dungeon for the relics, so chance is high that I would be interested in this deal. The issue is, the ring I dropped - I already had this color, so I went to my equipment inventory to salvage it- as you know, the limits of inventory hit hard - and the deal dissapeared… Shame… Other thing is that relic was based on the drop, so it was the one that is needed to upgrade from rare to epic…
    And it looks that you can only have one (of a type) per day, as I did not get a new one with another equipment drop.

My opinion is that the deals currently are very random, and in most cases people won’t be interested in them. I believe the flash deals should be kind of a reward - you just evolved your necklace to epic? Here have a deal to upgrade it even further - relic tier III… or something like that.

I agree with this sentiment. Tailor the flash deals to what a player needs rather than random runes. Runes are currently oversupplied for that matter. No one is going to buy them.