[Fix Released] Adventure Progression Reset in Goals

After the update, it appears that my progression counter for Complete X amount of Adventures was reset for both the Complete 50 and 100 Adventures.

I have yet to complete 25, and that counter stayed at 22/25. I just completed the newest Adventure - The Savior’s Footsteps, and now it shows as 23/25, 1/50, and 1/100.

Is it possible to get the 50 and 100 counters corrected so that they also show 23 completed? Or do I now have to restart from 0 on both of these?

EDIT: Forgot to mention I am playing on Xbox and Mobile, and it shows like this in both.

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I am experiencing this same bug, within the Battle section. Also, this is affecting the achievements related to Adventures. After the most recent update, the Adventure Calling achievement tracker was set to 0/50, instead of my previous progress of 22.


From my understanding, the 50 and 100 Goals are new and were introduced in 3.1 - so their progress does not match the existing goal of 25 adventures.

But I’ll follow up and check whats intended with the team


Hello Jeto,

I am an Xbox and mobile player like the two above. I also know of more players that are having their issue.

However, I just wanted to add that the understanding you present of the new update doesn’t line up with my experience.

My totals weren’t reset or shown to start from 0. So I do think they are experiencing a glitch on the Xbox platform/mobile platform.


EDIT: There are two screenshots I am trying to show via an imgur album. The second screen will show my 90something /100 Adventures not having been reset unlike the two players above.


Mine did not reset either.



Trying to get more info on this one today, hopefully before we are busy with the Season release.


A fix is in the process of being released


Thank you very much.

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