[Fixed] Friends/Kingdom Unable to Join Private Parties Without Manual Invite

Issue: After creation of a private party, with the “Open to Friends” and/or “Open to Kingdom” options enabled, eligible players can see the private party but cannot join the private party without a manual invite sent from the private party leader.

From the help page on creating parties,

the intended behavior seems to be that when selected as options, any eligible player on the party leader’s friend list (if “Open to Friends” is selected) or in the party leader’s kingdom (if “Open to Kingdom” is selected) should be able to see and then join the private party.

Currently, eligible players for the private party can see the private party, but receive error messages when attempting to join the private party. The party leader has to manually invite each eligible party member to the private party each and every time the party is formed/re-formed.

Hey @Lyrian

I’ve grabbed this thread, unfortunately, cannot test at the moment while the other Party issue is being resolved but have reported what information you have supplied to the team in the meantime!

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