[Fixed] Game crash fighting story boss

When fighting story boss I get this screen and game crashes. Any help?

@Zilpol what is you name code and the platform you are playing on?

Name code - ZILPOL_DAAP
Platform - Android

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Hi I have the same problem inPs5 report code RE-TH5N776S

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This is the same issue, the team is currently investigating. @Stelios-Sko13 was your error also against the same enemy, the boss ‘Yog’?

Guys, problem is over. No crash this time. Boss defeated. Thanks!

Yes it happened with the boss Yog more than five times. Sometimes when I win the first battle sometimes in the middle of the second battle.


There is already a fix for this it seems in 3.0, as in, it would be resolved by a fix for a different issue.

But the team is looking at getting a server fix for this specifically, as soon as we can - they are just testing it currently.


I also have the same problem with The Boss Fight, Yog, on Xbox, tried several times over but keep getting a new code

@XcLivewirecX how long ago was your last battle where this occurred? As the fix should have gone out by now.

Also what class were you playing?