[Fixed in 1.3] Lucky Clover Ring miss icon/picture

After Season 1.2 update, my Lucky Clover Ring just showing a pink square instead of icon. Reinstalling an app won’t help.

Hello @Teldryn,

In your Settings > General > Asset-download do you have ‘As Needed’ or ‘Download All’ selected currently?

I have this except that I have a green sqaure.
I have Download all selected.

If either of you could share a screenshot along with what device you are playing on, that would be amazing! :sparkles:

Hi @Jeto. I have As Needed settings.

Also I can provide screenshot as well, but I don’t have permission to attach images on forum.

Just tried to change asset download to download all. It won’t help.

What device are we using?

I’ll get back to you with a screenshot but it’s happening on iPhone and iPad.
It displays fine on PC.

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