Lucky Clover Ring returning

Is the Lucky Clover Ring returning every St Patricks Day? or was it a one-off?


@ed.209 are you reading my mind as of late?! I was going to ask this yesterday! I’m saving accessory glyphs specifically for this.

It has been available st pats day last 2 years so v likely

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That’s a good idea. Do you know which mythic relics it needs?

@ed.209 unfortunately no and I wouldn’t know where to find that information from, unless someone that owns the ring on here can kindly chime in?

I just messaged a YouTuber who has it in his video, if he replies I’ll share it here.

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Was it “Mirandus Crafter” you messaged? Hopefully he can shed some light on it as I don’t think he had it evolved to Mythic on his videos so the info on the neccessary Mythic Relic needed should be available. :+1:t2:

Elven relics. And 20 characters to make the post valid


It was, on his green KD dragon video. I mentioned that I use Keelhaul as my 4th spell and he replied, so hopefully he’ll reply to this comment too.

Cheers @shmaunpq !! :+1:t2:

@ed.209 I thought it might be him.