[REPORTED] Holiday event issues

**Steps to reproduce
Kill things and claim rewards from holiday event

Platform, device version and operating system
Android 11

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
The common and uncommon versions of the Lucky Clover Ring already have Ice Mastery attached. This shouldn’t be possible, and is the worse Mastery they could have!

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Who knows!

Steps to make it happen again
Kill stuff and claim rewards!



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Yep same exact thing with the first two rings. I haven’t had a chance to get the 3rd ring yet.
I even evolved the second ring just to confirm and tes ice mastery at uncommon persisted through upgrade

Okay, there is no other explanation. Someone take the devs home, they are drunk.


Also, do your rings even work? I equipped, and started/retreated 25 battles and didn’t see any big green gems.

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I have both Epic and Rare rings equipped as a test, and I haven’t been able to get it to work at all after several battles. It’s definitey not working as intended.

Edit: Someone in global says he got it to work once. Perhaps the % chance to work is much lower than stated. Like 1% and 2%.

Maybe its making Blue Big Gem IVs instead :laughing:

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What colour do I most associate with St. Patrick’s Day?
What colour do I most associate with clover?

No idea, but here’s to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day from the folks over at Infinity Plus 2

Not ireland flag

Hey all,

It looks like the devs grabbed this one before I got to report this thread to them in the morning, they currently getting a fix out for this as I’m typing.

Once the Ring has been upgraded it should update the ability for the relevant rarity, but I am currently awaiting more information from the team.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

I can confirm that they do seem to work, notwithstanding the wrong color issue. Perhaps the rates are not working correctly.

Heres a screen of my starting board with 2x Rare ring equipped:

I got 4 blue rings. can i change it’s color?
when i got a common blue ring, I thought it was the developer’s intention.
is it a bug?
Why didn’t you make an infinite quest for a common ring.

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I now have about 50 match starts observed with 2x Rare Rings equipped. My observed starts with at least 2x Big Green Gem IV (in other words, at least one of the rings has triggered), is less than 15%. Although this is a small sample size, I would expect it to be above 25%.

In my view, it’s possible that the rings are only checked once, not both independently. I plan to retest when I have two at epic.

I did another ~25 with one ring, and 25 with 2 rings. I have seen 0 big IV gems.

Edit: Both rings are rare. “15%”

It seems broken from my end too.

@Jeto Still no official response to this bug. I’ve just received my fourth ring and it is also Blue! I realise many have received multiple colours now, but there has obviously been a bug here. We are no longer in Early Access, so bugs should be acknowledged, fixed and compensated!

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me neoither, i had done more than 30 games with 2 those rings at rare and never saw a single big 4 gem, it’s for sure didnt work.

I don’t even know what the issue is anymore but I definitely have 4 rings and none of them are green and i’m sad about it :cry:

I will say that I’m still getting Big Green Gem IVs but not at the rate I would expect.

Hey all,

Following up with this one, the Lucky Clover Ring initially was stuck on Ice Element as well as having an assigned element despite being Common/Uncommon.
There was also the missing trait.

The fix for this has been pushed so that it will no longer have an element until it reaches Rare or higher and no longer is set to Ice (if you don’t already have all 4 of the Rings).
As for the trait, once this had been upgraded if you already had the Ring it should have appeared but this has also been fixed in the same push.

In regards to the Big Green Gems appearing, it appears there is a mix of experiences in here with some players not seeing them appear at the start of the battle and some other who have. For example, @Sibelios screenshot where 4 Big Gems had been created at the start of the battle.

While there is only a chance for them to appear, I will follow up on how this triggers when two are equipped.

Also, the team is discussing compensation for players who did get the Ring before the fixed was released.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Hi folks, just an update that compensation has been sent! (2 uncommon Lucky Clover Rings)


@Jeto @Kafka
Thank you both. Compensation rings received. For me one of them was still Blue, but I guess that’s just the RNG Gods - and my damn luck :wink: The other was Purple.

Your response was appreciated though!