[Fixed in 1.3] Wallet doesn't show the Flametree relics of season 1.2

There is no easy way to check the number of flametree relics owned or got because wallet doesn’t show.
This problem didn’t exist for the Khazduli relics at the start of season 1.1.
As well this should be added to the exchange menues of Eveline.

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Hey @Egara

This has been raised before and is something the team is aware of :sparkles:

Following this, did you purchase a Seasonal Cache and didn’t see your wallet update or was it rewarded elsewhere?

I bought the seasonal relics.
I didn’t buy yet many seasonal Caches because outcome is poor and there are not enough t0 and t1 relics available for upgrading.
In season 1.1 I could get some by crafting with Eveline. But in season 1.2 it seems not to be possible. More gear by Caches only blocks my gear vault So I am waiting for a patch especially for Eveline too.

I was also going to post that I haven’t seen Evelyn craft any Tier 1 relics for this season. She did craft Tier 1 relics for the last season and is still doing so.

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I’ll add +1 to the growing pile of posts stating that Eveline is not crafting T1 relics for Season 1.2.


At first, I did a double take at that statement. But it’s true…

Bug or leftover unintended behavior from last season?


The team picked this up before I reported it, Evelyn should not be crafting Seasonal Relics

This will be resolved in v1.3, along with any Seasonal Relics you currently have, not appearing in your wallet. :sparkles: