[Fixed in v1.4.5] Purchased Fallen Relic, received Khazdhuli Relic

Just purchased the Fallen Relic from the Season 1.4 shop for 350 death marks. Received 1 Khazdhuli Relic.

Note, when I went to verify it looks like there is no section for Fallen Relic in the wallet.


Also purchased the mythic fallen relic and received no mythic fallen relic. Unsure if i got a different one.

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Also purchased fallen relic for death marks - don’t seem to have the fallen relic in inventory

Does seem to be there though, if I look at upgrade options for a seasons item it shows 1/4
So perhaps it’s just a visual glitch?

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Any update on our purchased Fallen Mythic Relics?

I’m looking into this now and have let the team know about the report.

Update: I’ve checked some accounts and it looks like the Relic was both logged and added to inventories correctly but just isn’t displaying in the Wallet.

As Mythos mentioned you should see how many you have when you go to upgrade a piece of Fallen Order Gear.

I’ve reported the issue to the team but in the meantime rest assured nothing has been lost.

Update 2:
I’ve made a new known issue article on our Help Center if anyone wants to share this info more easily with their Kingdoms or hit the follow button on the article to be notified when the article is updated with further info or marked as ‘fixed’.


Update: We have a fix for this coming in the next game update v1.4.5 which isn’t too far away.