[Fixed in 1.4.5] Spirit Shield is a waste of 200 ingots (i.e it doesn't work)

So for the first time ever we decided to test out the Spirit Shield for kicks. Turns out it’s nothing but snake oil.

To begin with: it’s pretty well established (at least from my viewpoint) that enemies, including Kingdom Defense bosses gain mana at a baseline rate of 2 mana per gem collected, whether those gems are matched, destroyed, exploded, etc (Big gems are considered equivalent to non-big gems for this purpose). Gems that are of a color alignment with the enemy (e.g. Green gems for green enemy or a Poison Dragon) provide 25% more mana (therefore, 2.5 mana per gem) and gems that are of a color associated with a favorable affinity against the enemy (e.g. Red gems for green enemies or a Poison Dragon) provide 25% less mana (therefore, 1.5 mana per gem).

Update 1.2 introduced kingdom bosses along with this nifty little item for the low low cost of only 200 ingots:

Given that every Kingdom Defense boss spell is only 50 mana, that extra 25% limitation could actually be quite useful, but at a price of 200 ingots, its a tough sell. Today though we tried it out. At first, things looked promising:

Pretty excited to test this thing out! Sadly though, much disappointment ensued:

My kingdom mate and former naked berserker @rob also attempted to test out the Spirit Shield. He is more technologically advanced than this lizard and he provided the following:

The numbers look pretty simple here: 3 green gems matched should be 6 mana (25% bonus mana from green gems, -25% mana from Spirit Shield). However, 7 mana gained says that the Spirit Shield is a dud.

The fact that we are four months into Kingdom Defense and no one has reported this says a lot about the perceived utility of the Spirit Shield by players. Needless to say kingdom leaders, if you have ever bought a Spirit Shield, you should probably be requesting a refund of ingots.


We tried it once when it first came out and came to the conclusion that it did nothing. Good to see numbers come out that back it up


Hey all,

I grabbed this one yesterday and have since passed it onto the team. We are currently working on a fix for this, at this stage it will release along with the 1.4.5 update.

To that as well, when the fix does go live we also intend to refund Kingdoms who had purchased the Spirit Shield previously. Just ironing out if it will go directly to the Kingdom itself, or if a mail will be sent to the Kingdom leader.
But these details are still to be confirmed.

Once I get more solid information on both of these, one of the team (if not myself) will update this thread.
In the meantime, I’ve made a known issues article just to cover any bases if anyone misses an update, those articles can be followed for email notifications.

Jeto - Support Human :mage:


Tried the spirit shield a few times without actually doing any mana calculations, but realised it certainly wasn’t doing 200ingots worth of goodness, if anything.

We tried it once when it came out and I was like yeaaaaaahh this is a waste of ingots. Haven’t tried it since.

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I can confirm that this has been fixed.