[Fixed in 1.5] Lost 2 hero places with upgrade to 1.4.5

Actually 14 hero places are shown after upgrade to 1.4.5. But before I had 16!
One was used for a warlock on level 43, the other was empty.
As well the possibility to add an additional hero place disappeared.
Device: Samsung M20, Android 10
Please correct!

Wrote an additional bug report to zendesk and got response yesterday by Jeto requesting video.
After that I got the confirmation that there will be a fix (without time). Seems to have very low priority at now.
Answered that I have to reset one of my upgraded heroes to do the weekly quest for the 3 citadel levels.
So for me it is urgent!

Totally off topic, but why are you resetting your heroes to get citadel levels for the weekly quests, you can complete the entire month without doing that quest at all. My citadel is level 112, so I never level it three times in a week, and all my heroes are level 50, so I don’t get credit for that either.


I agree. I also don’t do the 5 party battles epic quest and still manage to finish the battle pass several days before it ends.

Hi Ketaped, my citadel level is too high to increase it 3 levels a week. And it is my target to complete the quest
Besides that I still want back the hero places I paid for and the 2nd warlock which I want to level up further.

You don’t need to complete the quest for 3 levels though, that’s my point. Doing the other quests will give you enough points to fill up the meter for the month. You still very much deserve the slots back, but you’re just making work for yourself with the quests, you don’t need to do it. :grin:

Confirmation: with update to 1.5 my lost 2 hero places are now visible and the heroes accessible.