[Fixed in 3.0.1] Error when entering “Gear” from main screen

On PS5, just got the latest update, v3.0.0.37384.

When I click on the gear at the left side of the main screen I get the following error
failed to load asset system.exception: sprite failed to load for location 4K/sa_characterstats [icon_masteries] exception: %2

I click [Okay] and continue on.

I’ve restarted the PS5 and get the same error, so it’s repeatable.

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Is this any gear from the left side or a particular slot?
Is it only when you try and click on Gear from the home screen, or any pre battle screen?

From the Home screen. Not actually tried it on a pre-battle screen. I’ll try taht when I’m back on an playing, though that’ll not be for a couple of days.

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