[Reinstall PQ3- SONY] Can't load the game after the new update

Error! Error!
Failed to load asset is flashing on the screen like crazy! Hope it is resolved soon.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Can you attach a screenshot of the error, so I can see where the issue is?

I don’t know how. Sorry. It’s on PS5.
I can’t be the only one seeing this.
TY though :slight_smile:

Can you tell me on which screen it is appearing, as well as which sprite is failing to load?

It will say something like “Sprite failed to load for location X”

Same problem on ps5
Not starting

Can anyone grab a photo with their phone and share it here, or submit it as a ticket - so I can pass it on to the dev team

Legendary, thanks so much

Alot of these messages.
Almost 20

About 20 errors pop up and if finish closing them all app crashes on Ps5

Thanks everyone, I have passed this onto the team - we are loading it up on our PS5 to investigate!

No further screenshots needed :sparkles:

For those getting this error on their PS5 can you confirm you have enough disk space since this update?

We can see a few errors coming back with players who have full disk drives (all PS5 players)

It works on the ps4 but the ps5 gives the multiple errors

1.40Tb free space but like san said dling ps4 version works

Plenty of disk space. I can’t even get into the game to make a support ticket. UGH!

Any idea when this problem will be resolved?

No need to submit a ticket, it would be me grabbing it today anyways.

Once we work out what is causing the issue, we can get started on a fix.

Just confirming, your drive with plenty of disk space is also where PQ3 is installed?

Yes. Plenty of space on same drive. (Playstation 5)

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While I wait to hear back from the team, if you haven’t already can you clear your console cache and reinstall - only let me know if that has resolved the issue for you.

I’ll assume it hasn’t fixed this issue and wait for more information from the team, unless I hear otherwise.

Deleting app and redl fixed unless something eles happend in the past hour


Can’t play the game on PS5. A slurry of errors on trying to open it.

Deleted and downloading again now.

EDIT: That worked!