[FIXED IN NEXT UPDATE .36] Game freezes on chests actions

Android 11 on Pixel 5

After finishing a mission, clicking continue to advance through rewards, the last reward is the chest.
Chest slots are full so the animation starts to displace a current chest. I cancel that action and an at the CHEST menu.
I try to select USE KEY but nothing happens. I try to select USE GEMS but nothing happens.
I am forced to shut down and restart the App in order to continue.
Started today 7/18 and had happened 3 times.
Image provided is of the menu that fits not allow me to select any option.

I have to restart and then, maybe, the error will allow me to proceed.

Seriously though, it’s still happening of course.
It makes me want to quit the game.
I’m beta testing and it’s pissing meoff
You should give rewards for tolerating these glitches which ruin gameplay.


This was a Known Issue and should be resolved in the next update, coming soon!

Jeto - Team Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Fixed it for ya :nerd_face: (20char)

Soon I’m waiting for the official post since I see the update on android.

Will this fix any issue when salvaging during the opening of chests? or salvaging in general?
In current version this is still happening. It seems rather random when it happens. Could happen 1 out of 10 or 3 times in a row. Freeze on salvage