[FIXED IN NEXT UPDATE V.36] Mana accumulated on first turn match not reporting available to cast spells

Class spells also suffer from the same problem. I just tested it with a 75 mana class spell (Poison Skulls) for Necro. I had a lot of matches of green gems in that first turn, and yet the spell was still stuck at 1/75.

The solution seems to work, though, IF you don’t match enough gems to fill the spell in the first turn. But not every time and in every battle, for some reason.

As I’m talking here about PvP tourney battles, this is painful, because as a result I either lose the battles (and tourney token, and the win streak) altogether before I manage to fill the ultimate spell, or I get a minimum number of points from the battle due to the damage dealt by the opponent during the many turns it takes to fill the spells.

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Any update? Almost a week now since this post; this issue is clearly the thing most broadly affecting players right now.

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This won’t be a quick client side fix, so our devs are bundling a few fixes to it in our next bigger update. It will be a little longer wait, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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This didn’t happen to me ever until today just after upgrading my citadel to level 8 and changing my starting ice mana to 2%. Now it happens constantly (mostly with ice spell mana, but sometimes with poison as well) and now I can’t possibly win anything that isn’t set on easy.

My personal update: i have gathered enough gear to run fully green or gray equipment so none of them have any abilities about giving initial mana but it is still buggy…

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I feel your pain. This really should have been an immediate, all hands on deck, hot fix. At the very least, reverting to the previous broken % starting mana, (which, while broken, didn’t break everything else.) until the next major update. But here we are.

If you do not have a Bone Ring or Dragonguard Helm, the only workaround is to use at least one spell that won’t fill on a first turn, 3 match. Then ideally filling that on your second turn match. Since that means having to survive 2 hits from the enemy (unless you scored a good luck barrier or stun in there somewhere), a good portion of the content is closed off.

This too late for you, personally… But I strongly advise against adding the starting mana from citadel unless you have rings/helm. You can make the 1% work if you use mainly 50 mana spells, but 2% will really ruin your day.

I have now found that upgrading the citadel starting mana to +4% fixes the issue, but anything under is broken.

2% and 3% completely broken. 4% spells work again


1% is also broken. That is a lot of citadel leveling with a crippled loadout to get to 4%. So my advice would still be to not choose the starting mana in the citadel if you haven’t done it yet, unless you have the gear that fixes it. But good to know about the 4%.

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Yeah I would agree it would not be suggested for most players.

I figured I would take the bullet to see if it would work at some point.

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I just hit a Citadel Level and was able to choose to increase to 4% and I can confirm that it works for me as well. Exact same loadout I was using at 3% where it wasn’t allowing the mana accumulated to be available, voila, it’s working normally.


I’ve just inflicted this into myself without warning. How long until this gets fixed? It makes my Necromancer practically unplayable for the next few weeks

Hey friends,

We believe this should be resolved in 0.35.1

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Just a heads up that the thread header says 36.1

Ah yes, it was my initial mistake in my post! My bad :woman_facepalming:t2: we are IN .35.9

.36.1 in the heading is correct


Is this fixed or not fixed?

Still not sure if this is fixed or not. The Ulti bug is still in existence and I’m curious whether I should start a new bug report for it alone.

Hey adventurers,

Was just awaiting to hear back from the team.

As your Ultimate Spell doesn’t have it’s own Element, it collects Mana from all Gem matches, it is intended that your starting Mana bonus is not applied to ultimate spells.

Do you have any suggestions or feedback on how this could be displayed better in game?
I can pass on the feedback as well that you would expect and want it to apply to ultimate spells as well.

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage:t2:

Pretty sure Sibelios is referring to the Runic Ring bug. It has been reported multiple times since the start of the beta, both with screenshots and a video from someone who has since quit the game, but after all that explanation Salty said she still didn’t understand what the issue is when we explained it to her like she was 5.

Not sure if the bug is still around as I scrapped all the bugged Runic Rings, but it has the same delayed mana glitch as the previous % mana accumulation. When mana is accumulated from Runic Ring for ultimate, it doesn’t update until a move is done. This causes the ultimate button to not be usable at the start of a turn until the mana value updates by using a move, as well as makes the button unclickable at times. This occurs every time Runic Ring overflows into the next ultimate level.

If the devs would use Runic Ring for even one battle they would see the glitch, assuming it is still around.

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Correct. Here is the report right here:

@Jeto I don’t understand how you all track reported bugs since there is not inventory of past reports and their current statuses for players to reference. This has been articulated multiple times and it’s like it fell down a memory hole. I would start yet another bug report but many of my recent bug reports haven’t merited a response so what’s the point anymore.

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I was responding in regard to the initial post and believed the follow up comments from @Sibelios were about this same issue. Which didn’t mention Runic Ring initially.

But if we are discussing Runic Ring, I can respond in the thread @Tacet had created to save any miscommunication. And I will follow this up with the team.