Followers upgrade/details windows needs rework

The follower upgrade window does not give any information what does the upgrade do.

Beside spending overloaded food and gold is it even worth upgrading?

I have just upgraded Soulchaser from 45 to 46 and beside crafting being more expensive (!) I do not see any change. I could assume there should be more % for crafting better gear, but I doubt it. Let us see the %.

The follower description on lvl 45:

The follower description on lvl 46:


Through testing done by myself and others I can say that the % chance to create higher rarity items does increase on a sliding scale (i.e. each higher level the chance of higher rarities goes up while lower goes down) however incrementally it is small. The function of higher rarity (e.g. Mythic) followers is definitely not worth it currently but hopefully with the follower revamp in 1.2 more value will be realized from it.

Massive +1 for this. Several times in discord I have asked about the specific details of followers at specific levels so I can decide who to upgrade to what level.

I envisage an upgrade window like the gear upgrade window where you can choose any level and see what is needed for the upgrade and what stats the upgrade changes. %chances would be an awesome addition on top of just the basic stats.

I’ll just repost this here which is still informative (just ignore the Eveline stuff).

EDIT: also ignore the Glyphs conversation further down in this post, now outdated. A shame really, the occasional glyph from Events back then was nice.

Thanks Sibelos for that.
This is still an assumption, and what I am asking here is transparency.

And my sidenote is that it is not worth to upgrade the “crafting” followers higher than lvl 45.
It is different for example for Northelm where for each level you get some extra storage space… however it is still not visible on upgrade window.

For sure. Hopefully this feedback is considered for the Follower Upgrades referenced here:

Yep, that is what I hope for :slight_smile:

There’s the urban legend that crafters unlock Legendary output at level 50. Although, no one has reached 50 yet on a crafter to prove/disprove the claim. In any case, it’s a very steep mountain to climb to reach 50.

Personally, I am doubtful that leveling any crafter past 45 will become any easier, even once power creep and likely level cap increases occur down the road. It will very likely always take at least 5 follower crystals per level for every level past 45, no matter how high the level cap eventually reaches.

The update 1.2 did not provide any change/rework of the followers.

So what is the roadmap regarding this now? Was it moved to patch 1.3 or delayed complety to no-one-knows-when?

Communicated that it was delayed to 1.3

2022 Roadmap – June Update

Eagle-eyed players may have noticed that we adjusted a few things on our roadmap. In particular, our Follower Upgrade has been moved out of 1.2. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • The Kingdoms Rework was very extensive, and we wanted to make sure we got that right and gave it the full time it needed
  • We did not want to rush the process of designing the Follower Upgrades and deliver something to you that was just not going to feel complete.

Don’t worry! It’ll be back in the schedule for one of our updates later in the year.

The new follower was delayed to 1.3. Based on the language in the june roadmap and the lack of direct mention of a “rework” in 1.3, i would guess the follower update will not happen until 1.4 onwards. I do hope im wrong. @Jeto any possibility of answering this?


Yes, exactly. It is not mentioned here:

I think it may not happen this year…

Thanks @Wokel, good point. Sorry @Malib, my mistake, misread your question.

One other thing. It was confirmed that crafters at 50 have the chance to craft Legendaries. Unfortunately as with all other levels, we don’t know the % chance, but assume its 1%

That’s a very astute observation. Cross-referencing the 1.2 patch notes and the July community updates, the wording of the posts are very careful to not state that the follower update is coming in 1.3, only the new follower. The follower update may very well have been punted well down the road, far beyond 1.4.

Work in progress on verifying the 1% rate. However, I’m preparing for the possibility that 1% might be too optimistic of a drop rate and the real rate is a fraction of a percent.

As of the time of this post, I’m 0 for 93 on Legendary crafts. Distribution of elemental colors, when rolled, are statistically even across the colors. Level boosted (> level 1) crafted gear appears to be normalizing around 20%.

Rarity distribution so far:



Hey everyone!

Just wanted to provide an update here on what is happening with the follower changes coming to Puzzle Quest 3.

As my fellow support agent Jeto mentioned in the July Community Update that the new Follower release has been moved from update 1.2 to 1.3.

As mentioned the Follower “rework” will start being rolled out in upcoming updates, allowing us to update Followers a few at a time. Cannot confirm yet as to which update this be happening from.

This method will allow us to avoid any lengthy delay that could occur when trying to update the Followers all at once in one update and allow players to use these changes sooner, rather than later.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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Well, Torgaon finally generated a Legendary craft.

And it is the textbook definition of randomly generated everything. Red mask… green damage augment… purple mana boost… sigh

Updated current draw rate table:


EDIT: Lightning struck twice today.

This piece is also as equally flawed as the first one.

Hard to see how a 50 crafter in their current state is useful, as by the time a player obtains a 50 crafter they no longer need a purely random Legendary thing that has an very high chance of being significantly flawed. Perhaps if in the future, a follower can disenchant/sacrifice a gear piece for an attribute that can be transferred to another gear piece, then crafters in their current state might have a use a way to “go fishing” for transferrable attributes to other gear pieces.

Updated table:


The 1% Legendary rate is probably correct, but too few population points to say with a high level of certainty.

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