Followers upgrade/details windows needs rework

The follower upgrade window does not give any information what does the upgrade do.

Beside spending overloaded food and gold is it even worth upgrading?

I have just upgraded Soulchaser from 45 to 46 and beside crafting being more expensive (!) I do not see any change. I could assume there should be more % for crafting better gear, but I doubt it. Let us see the %.

The follower description on lvl 45:

The follower description on lvl 46:

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Through testing done by myself and others I can say that the % chance to create higher rarity items does increase on a sliding scale (i.e. each higher level the chance of higher rarities goes up while lower goes down) however incrementally it is small. The function of higher rarity (e.g. Mythic) followers is definitely not worth it currently but hopefully with the follower revamp in 1.2 more value will be realized from it.

Massive +1 for this. Several times in discord I have asked about the specific details of followers at specific levels so I can decide who to upgrade to what level.

I envisage an upgrade window like the gear upgrade window where you can choose any level and see what is needed for the upgrade and what stats the upgrade changes. %chances would be an awesome addition on top of just the basic stats.

I’ll just repost this here which is still informative (just ignore the Eveline stuff).

EDIT: also ignore the Glyphs conversation further down in this post, now outdated. A shame really, the occasional glyph from Events back then was nice.

Thanks Sibelos for that.
This is still an assumption, and what I am asking here is transparency.

And my sidenote is that it is not worth to upgrade the “crafting” followers higher than lvl 45.
It is different for example for Northelm where for each level you get some extra storage space… however it is still not visible on upgrade window.

For sure. Hopefully this feedback is considered for the Follower Upgrades referenced here:

Yep, that is what I hope for :slight_smile:

There’s the urban legend that crafters unlock Legendary output at level 50. Although, no one has reached 50 yet on a crafter to prove/disprove the claim. In any case, it’s a very steep mountain to climb to reach 50.

Personally, I am doubtful that leveling any crafter past 45 will become any easier, even once power creep and likely level cap increases occur down the road. It will very likely always take at least 5 follower crystals per level for every level past 45, no matter how high the level cap eventually reaches.