Gear, Spell and Minion Guides - Updated up to 3.0

Here you can access and download updated Sibelios’ guides. Thanks to Sibelios, original creator of the guides, and to all other players who have helped making and correcting them. If you find any error, please tell me and I will correct it as soon as possible. All feedback will be welcome.

These guides are also available in our Throne of Odin discord server together with other guides, info and discussion about the game. All players are welcome (after joining, just let us know you are searching for info so that you are added as a Guest):



  • Glossary of Stats
  • Comprehensive list of Gear Sets
  • Comprehensive list of Gear Items
  • List and description of Gear Attributes
  • Cost and effects of Gear Honing
  • PvP weapon groups
  • Status Effects



  • Comprehensive list of Spells and Spell Calculator
  • Grid view of Spells found in Dungeons and Seasons
  • Status effects
  • Rules of how mana is gained from matched
  • Spell Set Bonuses
  • Mana Calculator



  • Comprehensive list of Minions
  • Top Minions for each Stat
  • Top Minions for farming chests
  • Grid view of Minions found in Dungeons and Seasons.

Cheers for this Higure. Very handy, but there appears to be a Minion missing from the list?

There’s 92 on that list but there’s 93 unique Minions according to the in-game information.

@Jeto Maybe the Playstation/Console information given in the TAVERN>MINIONS section needs to be corrected to reflect that we only have access to 91 (or possibly 90 or 89 even ) Unique Minions, not 93 as shown.

Aguilita was only available as an event reward pre-console release, and Forest Pegasio was a Steam exclusive.

Talking of exclusives, does anyone know how console users can obtain Icestorm Pegasio and Poison Doomkin? Cheers in advance.

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@Swivel icestorm pegasio is available as a add-on bundle for $9.99 Usd

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Cheers Kush. :+1:t2:

Looks like I won’t be adding that one to the collection then lol. :flushed:

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I am aware of it, but I have no clue about that missing minion. If someone can provide me info about it I will include it.