Glyph drop rate is way off compared to legend/mythic scrolls/runes

Quite simply, I did not make this personal. As I noted on several occassions, I interfaced with the communications as a whole, the content of those communications. The communications are clearly lacking and if you think that they are not, then we have to disagree about what constitutes transparency and clarity. Making a joke about gathering data or saying that as a whole this has been a failure of communication and implementation is legitimate feedback. I did not attack anyone personally nor did I make hateful or obscene statements. I quite clearly documented why I thought the communications, again as a whole, were insufficiently substantial based on their own statements about reasons and transparency.

If you can’t see the difference between legitimate criticism in the face of clear community confusion and frustration and “hardcore venting at Salty”, then do me a favor in the future and don’t cherry pick quote me for your cheerleading responses.

EDIT: P.S. @Lyrian if you didn’t pick up on it, most of my “making it personal” was directed at you for your silly “here let me help you understand better with my Salty translation services”.


When the main way that these resources are dropped is introduced we will observe the data further. The best way to get them is tied into a feature that we are hoping releases with 0.36. (I can’t say more at this time, but I hope this sheds some light on the data we will be observing, and that there will be better ways to get Relics and Glyphs.)

For future reference, if I am not discussing something in greater detail it is because I cannot do so at the current time.

I also want to be clear that we are in early access. We are tweaking, changing, and experimenting with our systems to see what works best and suits the needs of the player, developer, and publisher. I cannot tell you with 100% certainty where something is going when we are still in the process of changing it and seeing how it works best. With our recent patch notes we included more information on why we made changes, and also briefly outlined what we would like to look into moving forward.

I understand that this might not be enough for everyone. If it isn’t, I apologise. At this time I cannot offer more insight, especially as we are in a state of flux (Flux? Get it? Sorry, bad resource joke) as we are still refining the game, and it isn’t in a finished state.


All that is well and good but the fact is that the notes were written in such a way that the average reader would think that Relics would be reasonably obtainable in the game state because the implication was that of the methods listed to obtain Relics, one of those methods was a “primary” source. The reality is different as you are clearly saying. So I think its a fair critique that the information released was misleading and I don’t think that any judgments that I have made to date are incorrect. Nothing that I have said has been contradicted.

With that said, I appreciate the response. Clearly, the “system” that you have rolled out in 0.35 with regard to evolutions is incomplete and currently disadvantages the player relative to the previous game state. Players will have to decide what their tolerance for these types of changes are as it is early access but even in early access players need an incentive to play, to continue to engage with content, and to provide feedback on that content. The system that was rolled out with regards to evolutions is currently the absence of content, not just in the short term but for as long as it takes for the next thing that you are hoping to release in 0.36. During that time, a core element of the game is functionally non-existent and the community has to keep engaging with that.

I look forward to continue to provide feedback as I have done to date, whether it is on bugs, content, or updates in an effort to help improve the game. As you said, the systems need to suit both the player, the developer, and the publisher. I will continue to be a voice for the player in this regards.

Thank you.


Devs may want to check the data on level 50-100 chests.

So far every report I have heard of glyphs, relics, and newly added resources seems to only be occurring on chests under level 50.

Most active forum players probably don’t open anything that isn’t a level 100 chest, as it is assumed that the highest level would also yield the highest loot.


I agree everything I have been observing has been on level 50 or 55 chests and zero from a 60 or up chest. This could be bias of users who are active, but it is still something to take a look at.

Also @Salty I do want to want to take the time to say thank you for responding and I appreciate your communications with the community.

Overall I think we would have preferred a broken old system for a little while longer than a system we cannot work within well.

I will keep trying for relics and hopefully by .36 I may have 1 or 2

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I understand your feedback, but I want to reiterate that this is not the intended primary source of Glyphs and Relics. Once the primary source is in game we can observe how players get these resources, and if it’s not enough we can then tweak either, or even both, the primary source and the chest drop.

I understand the drop is low now, but the drop is not our primary concern at this time, as we want to see how things go with the next update when the main source of these resources is introduced before changing the existing system. (Otherwise, what will likely happen is this… we change the drop rate for make players happy, new primary source of these resources is introduced and then players are getting too many too quickly, and we have to revert the drop rate to what it was, which will understandably upset players even further.)

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Not sure if you do. There is a concern that high level chests literally don’t have the new drops in them, as all reports of these new drops are on lower level chests and not max leveled chests. Seems weird that a good bulk of people opening at 100 seems to not get them, but the low amount of people opening on lower leveled chests do. There is likely a glitch or incorrectly input numbers somewhere that is overly skewing it against higher leveled chests.

In the current state of the game, I don’t think a single person would complain to that occurring for the month leading up to 0.36 and then being rolled back once it is out. The game from a progression standpoint is in a nearly unplayable state since 0.35.


We understand that the current drop rate from dungeon may be low since from what you explain, it seems that the main way to obtain relics and glyphs will be introduced in 0.36 and dungeon chests are just secondary way or so (NOT another primary way as mentioned in the patch note)

However what Tacet mentions here is kinda unrelated to the issue above.
The players in the early access notice that from the global chat & this forum, we have some players reporting that they obtain relics from Low level chests (chest Lv. 1-50).
Some of them are not even dungeon chests - but just regular chests.
Your patch notes mention that it should be obtained by completing dungeons.

On the other side there are many players who open a lot of Lv. 100 chests (including Ruby and Diamond) never see any Relics, Glyphs, Crystals drop.
Not a single player who open Lv. 100 chests says that they get a relic, glyph or crystal from them.
Not a single drop from the whole community who open Lv. 100 chests.

That is why we have a strong suspicion that maybe there are some errors in the coding which cause
relics, crystals, glyphs can drop from low level chests but they do not drop from high lvl or Lv. 100 chests.

We really hope that this issue/suspicion can be conveyed the devs and that this issue can be investigated.

Is it possible that it’s related to this bug? (the introduction of easy lv. dungeons may cause some glitch or shift on the drop percentage or something)


Hey Salty,

Why would a new resource be introduced without its primary source of dropping?
Seems like we’re completely stuck on evolving stuff until next update and that’s what is making the community uproar.

Any idea as to when that next update is to be expected? That could probably lower a bit of the tension if we had at least a reasonable time frame to look forward to.


I think we got it now, wait for the next upgrade. This is fair.

I think the biggest issue most of us had was lack of transparence because Patch 0.35 Notes had some very clear Sentences on Relics and how they would be received which are incongruent and misleading given what is really going on - that there will be a new feature.

My suggestion, PLEASE be more transparent.

If there is something that we as players need to wait for in another patch to really appreciate a change rolled out already, then please just say so. The whole searching endlessly, the funk created by the nonexistance, all the drama that ensued the patch could have been avoided by just saying what you (@Salty ) ended up saying anyways - “we rolled out relics, there is an infinitesimal chance in current systems but there will be a new feature” - you could even sell it in a way that we would anticipate the new feature rather than be all kinds of annoyed at searching for something that is written into the patch notes but really at a too low level to make a difference. The discussions on whether the game has become unplayable (no more evolution) would have been ended before it ever started (wait for new feature, this is early access).

So I am asking again - please be a bit mroe transparent.

The current player base on the forum is clearly mostly rooting for this game and willing to sit this all out. Just be clear on what you are doing without of course saying too much. But that relics were part of a new feature was clear to you when you rolled out the update I would hope. So you could have just said so.


What about in the meantime? What if something happens and the feature is delayed?

Would it not make sense to make a patch now buffing the Relic drop rates from dungeons, then nerf it down (to a lower yet still reasonable level) when the primary means of obtaining Relics becomes available?


Any chance you got an ETA of that update we talking Tuday? Or a month from now?
Flip a coin?

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Just saw my Daily Deals and saw two Glyphs in the shop…

Those are mighty, mighty expensive nowadays.

$10 USD in Crowns, or ~$18 USD in Gems.

Note: I believe that under the new shop, there are pricing tiers based on what is being upgraded. Accessory upgrades are cheapest, armor is more expensive, and weapon upgrades are the most expensive.

I don’t believe the 30k+ gold offers exist anymore in 0.35.


Well I’m glad there out there as far as the glyphs I cant say I have ever seen one for sale in a month or so. I havent seen anything in the store since the patch of 30 40 50 60k etc. SAD BECAUSE theres no place to spend gold…


Hoping this all elusive 0.36 patch game mode that seems to do everything also sinks gold.

They cut down gold expenses a lot in 0.35, making it seem like something soon will use all that gold.


I’m crossing my fingers toes and what nots in hope that it does!

It seems that the games suggestion when you hit full gold on an evolved auri is to just stop playing that much :joy:

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I just hear the soup guy’s (from Seinfeld) voice in my head everytime I complete a match: “No Gold for You”!


Epic not going to lie lol

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I have to admit, this turns out to be the most effective way of draining my gems. It feels so bad to sit at capped gold and continue playing that I keep refreshing the store for another round of useless crap, draining my gems like crazy.