Healing boost vs healing

Does the healing boost from items such as the Saviour’s Locket heal you itself? Or does it only increase healing gained from something else, such as regen?

The reason I ask is that I don’t have any regen etc. for my KD build, and I’m wondering if I should replace it with another necklace.

Savior’s Locket does not heal you itself, instead it acts as a booster to healing your life via regeneration, but also gaining armor and resistance that you gain from gear such as serpentine pants or spells such as Brawn of the Bull. Savior’s stacks over time, so its really good. As to whether you should run it or not, really depends on your loadout. If you’re not running any healing or armor/resistance boosting, then there is no reason to run savior’s locket other than running it for the savior set bonuses.

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So it boosts the Fallen shoulders armour regen?

That was going to be my next question: does the extra resistance from the Saviour’s 2PSB make any difference, if the dragon is not doing any magic damage? I’m currently running the helm & locket, but I’m thinking of switching to the Trarg helm, as the dragon can also use the big-III gems.

Yes to fallen shoulders. And the extra resistance from savior’s isn’t really useful against Dragon in KD.

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How so? KD dragon’s 1st spells only debuff and don’t do any damage so that resistance is useless there.


Yeah, you’re right. I could have sworn some of them did damage with a spell. Mandela effect I guess.


I’m assuming this stacks with the Firewalker’s boots and Resh’s buff of haste, for a potential 5 turns of haste?

It should, yes. I’ve done it with Resh before and Boarding Party.

I’ve had Resh + FW boots lots of times, so hopefully it should be the same.

Boarding party is a great spell, it’s my 4th when fighting a yellow KD dragon.