Helpful hints for new players

These are awesome and great to see!

Would like to just make a note about the Heroic Effort trigger however - the trigger is getting 8 separate matches in a single turn (the cascading gems included, you don’t have to make 8 yourself).

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So to be clear, you don’t have to have every kind of gem? You could have 3 separate yellow matches, 2 blue matches, 2 green and 1 skulls (no red or purple) and you’d get Heroic Effort?

Never mind, I just confirmed it myself. Exactly 8 matches including one late lucky skyfall after some other skyfalls, none of which were red, gave me Heroic Effort. I will correct the top post as soon as I have more edits allowed.

hmmm then i’m misleaded by ingame text? my fault then, sry
iirc it saids match many gems of different color ot sth similar

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Do you know if it needs to be the same rarity?

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As @Taran mentioned in another thread:

So if you are using 4 Purple spells, the act of matching 4 Purple gems will deal quadruple damage compared to the damage from matching only one. I’m not sure if this means colors you aren’t using don’t deal damage.

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You’re right. You’ll do no element damage if you have no spell with corresponding color equipped.

YOUR SPELL attacks with gems, not YOU.

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The heroic effort is NOT matching every gem type. If you get 8 matches in one turn you get the buff.

Here’s the tutorial information on the Citadel:

  • Congratulations! You’ve reached the maximum level. The Citadel has been erected in your honor. Let’s continue and take a look.
  • The Citadel can be found here along your Followers, marking your accomplishment. Shall we see what rewards can be earned?,
  • Here is your Citadel’s level: Any experience you now earn will contribute to your Citadel level rather than your Heroes.
  • Levelling up your Citadel will give you a choice of one of several Bonuses across offence, defence or a Mastery element.

The last bit makes it sound kind of like Paragon levels from Diablo III. It’s possible the Citadel could have no level cap.

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You are correct, but unfortunately I can’t make any more edits to the top post until I get to the next forum member trust level (in 1.5 weeks unless @Salty can do it sooner somehow). I will correct this in the top post as soon as I can.

Edit: Now fixed in the top post.

Bug found in 6th tip: Fire<Ice<Poison<Fire. you misplaced the middle two.

And some more suggest:

merge armor and resistance into hero stats.

effect of other stats:
Elemental Mastery increases mana gain and elemental damage dealt when matching corresponding gems. It increases along with hero level. Hero’s main element get a massive bonus on mastery, and sub element gets a smaller but still decent bonus.
Block Chance decides the chance of blocking incoming normal attack damage. Block decides the actual damage mitigation when block was triggered.
Critical Chance decides the chance of inflicting critical damage with skull attack. Critical Damage decides the multipler used when critical hit was triggered.
Other factors come from gears provide a percentage bonus to various numbers, such as gol d and EXP gain, damage dealt, damage taken, etc.


Good pickup on my elemental reversal, @Hagane. :slight_smile:

All suggestions incorporated into the top post. Feel free to give it a like if you’ve found it helpful.

About numeral gems: these stuff has following effect:
For normal spells, it will generate more mana, equal to 2*n gems matched.
For damage dealt, it will also count as if that many gems or skulls are matched. Damage inflicted by matching is based on number of gems/skulls matched, so this results in much harder hit.
For ultimate spells, a numeric gems will charge it as if that many gems are matched. e.g. a 3-match including an X gem will charge your ultimate by 22, not 3. Use them to quickly charge your ultimate up and obliterate your foes!

About Followers
Followers with Cyan Number (itemkeeper and resource producer) in their ability increase efficiency after every level up, but other followers (crafter) has no Cyan number, and their craft cost will raise along with level, without any notable change.
So, depends on the informations we currently have, it’s recommended that level your itemkeepers and resource producers first, and only level crafters(exclude eveline, she must be leveled up first) when you finished leveling other followers.

About Gear Score Comparison
If your score is higher than enemy, their attack damage will be lowered by 0.05% for every point of difference.
If enemy score is higher than yours, their attack damage will be increased by 0.1% for every point of difference.
Both are capped at 1000 points (-50% to +100%).
Gear Score will NOT affect your damage dealt.

About kingdom bazaar
Make a plan before using! Bazaar will either upgrade or DOWNGRADE everyday. If your kingdom purchase it enough times it will upgrade, and if you failed to do that, it will downgrade, unless it’s already at grade I.
so, Coordinate with your kingdom member and don’t use bazaar freely!


Added a note about Big Gem creation location to point 2 of the OP.

The Big Gem forms at the lowest, then leftmost intersection of gem matches within the combo.

So a single row combo will form the Big Gem on the leftmost square, a single column will form a Big Gem on the bottommost square and a larger combo will form the Big Gem on the square where two matches intersect that is the lowest (and leftmost in case of two intersections on the lowest row).

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After lots of combat, i think we can expand the 7th line. Enemy mana is charged by various factor, include but not limited to: gain X mana every turn, number of gems you matched(ALL gems counts, get more from same color), passive, number of match made, etc.

I found a mistake in my tips…
Heroic effort actually give +100% bonus to power rather than 50%. Last time when I check the number I was affected by fear, which reduce the effect of buff by half.

Tip 18 should be edited to note that the Citadel only opens when you hit level 50 AND have completed chapter 15.
(just hit lvl 50, and that was a bit of a rude awakening :-/ )

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Thanks @Jolenia. I’m hoping that the devs take my feedback that XP should be saved between reaching level 50 and finishing the story, so it can be used immediately on the Citadel, but in the meantime the tip has been corrected.

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Citadel stat bonus for reference:
you can add 1 point in seven categories each time you level up the citadel, in a fixed order - so you can only put a point on one category every 7 levels.
below is the order you put points on. Loops back to offense every 7 levels.
PICK CAREFULLY: currently there’s no reset mechanic.

Power: 2% bonus power per point, stack indefinitely.
Starting Mana: 1% to all mana per point, up to 50%.
Damage Bonus: 0.2% increased damage dealt per point, up to 10%.

Vitality: 2% bonus vitality per point, stack indefinitely.
Armor: 5% bonus armor per point, up to 250%.
Resistance: 5% bonus resistance per point, up to 250%.

Ice Magic:
Ice Mastery: 2% bonus ice mastery per point, stack indefinitely.
Block: 1% bonus block per point, up to 50%.
Health Bonus: 0.2% extra health per point, up to 10%.

Poison Magic:
Poison Mastery: 2% bonus poison mastery per point, stack indefinitely.
Critical Hit Chance: 0.1% bonus critical chance per point, up to 5%.
Critical Hit Damage: 1% bonus critical damage per point, up to 50%.

Fire Magic:
Fire Mastery: 2% bonus fire mastery per point, stack indefinitely.
Elite Damage Bonus: 0.2% elite damage bonus per point, up to 10%.
Elite Damage Protection: 0.2% elite damage protection per point, up to 10%.

Light Magic:
Light Mastery: 2% bonus light mastery per point, stack indefinitely.
Healing Bonus: 1% healing bonus per point, up to 50%.
Coin Bonus: 0.2% coin bonus per point, up to 10%.

Dark Magic:
Dark Mastery: 2% bonus dark mastery per point, stack indefinitely.
Melee Resistance: 0.2% melee damage resistance per point, up to 10%.
Missile Resistance: 0.2% missile damage resistance per point, up to 10%.

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Worth mentioning starting mana via citadel currently does not work. Getting it in the current state of the game does literally nothing until it is fixed.

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Minions have their own growth rate. Check your minion’s level 1 stat distribution, this indicates the growth tendency. If a stat is very high on Level 1, it will grow very quickly (1-2 points per level, or even more). If it’s very low (such as 1), it will grow very slowly (0-1 points per level).

If your minion is NOT COMMON RARITY, reduce all stat by 10 per rarity rank to check the base value.

You can split minion into 4 groups:
STRONG: very high strength, will recover faster than other minions.
QUICK: very high speed, can open chests faster than other minions.
CUNNING: very high cunning, more likely to find a key than other minions.
BALANCED: two or more of stats have similar growth. Good at everything, but nothing specialized.